Chris Burns | WW2 Army Boot
A WW2 Army Boot 3D model by Chris Burns
Army, Boot, Leather, Shoe, WW2, Soldier, 3D, Model, ZBrush, Maya
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3D Artwork
Army, Boot, Houdini, Soldier, Substance Painter, Zbrush

WW2 Army Boot

Here is a WW2 ear Army Boot model as worn by US paratroopers. I wanted to create something a bit less hard-edged than my previous Binocular Model. I created the mesh in Zbrush following technics of Dan McGrath

Starting with a super low poly mesh of the whole foot shaped boot, Subdividing, then slicing up the separate panels, then Z remodelling them.

I used the insert curve tool to add the Eyelets as well as the stitching details which can be downloaded for free from courtesy of Cliff Schonewill

The studs on the base of the sole are a standard IMM brush and the laces were also a free insert mesh from then modified to fit the Eyelets

Once the modelling was finished, I exported an FBX and used Houdini for the first time to generate a poly reduced version and automatically UV each piece. I then opened up the reduced model in Maya and used Headus UVlayout to tidy up and pack the UV shells. I textured the boot in Substance Painter.

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